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about me

Born in Atlanta Georgia, I have been involved in the art world in one way or another for all of my life. As a child, I learned about coloring with oils while watching my mother tint my black and white baby photos. From that point on I was hooked! Art quickly became a favorite past time and passion.

After studying drawing and painting at The Sara Brown School of Art in Atlanta, I participated in various shows and exhibits before moving to New Jersey in 1977 where a marketing job led to experience in graphic art. After leaving that position, I began a freelance career designing brochures, business cards and whatever else came along.

Later, I became interested in photography, first as a source for drawing and painting, and then for the medium itself. So for
awhile, I spent most of my free time experimenting in the darkroom!

Finally, I combined the best of both worlds. I began working as a retouch artist for a prestigious photography studio in New Jersey and numerous freelance clients. Pencils, brushes and dyes gave way to digital in the mid '90s when I was first introduced to the computer as an art tool. I have been exploring the digital medium ever since!

Because I love what I do....chances are you'll love what I can do for you!